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Coaching provides guidance for a person seeking a change in their lives and is a collaborative process that enables a person to become who they want to be at every level. Coaching constructively builds personal awareness to empower choice and lead to positive change for both individuals and groups.


Executive COACHING

A structured collaborative process to grow and develop leadership skills, facilitate self-awareness and help cultivate transformational change.


Career Coaching

Manage your personal and professional growth, interpersonal relationships, and improve communication and listening skills.


Life Coaching

You can best achieve sustainable growth and a greater sense of well-being with an integrative and collaborative approach to wellness.

retired couple on computer

Retirement Coaching

Are you preparing for retirement and wondering how to navigate the psychological changes it brings? Our retirement coaching services are designed to support you through this significant life transition using our unique 10-Layer Model. This comprehensive approach focuses on the mental, emotional, and social aspects of retirement, helping you build a fulfilling and purposeful new chapter in your life.


Professional counseling comprehensive services include a thorough assessment and eclectic treatment options. The aim is to assist individuals, groups and companies by using a compassionate approach to make developmental, environmental, and relationship shifts.


Couples Counseling

Discover new ways to solve problems in your relationship or marriage.


Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety.


Grief Counseling

Manage anger, grief, depression, and other emotional pressures.


Family Counseling

Learn enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, and unresolved childhood issues.


Conflict Resolution

Improve your communications and listening skills.

About Visions Counseling

Everyone goes through challenging situations in life, and while you may have successfully navigated through other difficulties you’ve faced, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out extra support when you need it. In fact, therapy is for people who have enough self-awareness to realize they need a helping hand, and that is something to be admired. You are taking responsibility by accepting where you’re at in life and making a commitment to change the situation by seeking therapy. Therapy provides long-lasting benefits and support, giving you the tools you need to avoid triggers, re-direct damaging patterns, and overcome whatever challenges you face.

"I have been seeing Dr. Sharon for about 2 years. My sessions have been useful and productive. I have learned how to manage my anxiety and depression with techniques that she has provided me. She is patient and not judgmental at all.

Dr. Sharon has improved my relationships with family, friends, and most importantly, the relationship with myself. Deciding to stick with this process and doing the work, is the best decision I’ve ever made. I have and would recommend Dr. Sharon."


“Finding Sharon at the time in my life that I did, has made all the difference in the world. I was punishing myself for things I had no control over. She has helped me to see that I can control my own life and not the ones around me.

With her understanding and guidance, I came to realize that I was missing out on my own happiness by concentrating my energy on others. I love them, but Sharon has helped me to see that I love myself too.”


"I love Dr. Sharon Givens and let me tell you why! I met Dr. Sharon Givens about eight years ago in a professional development training session. Dr. Givens is a very warm, professional, and interpersonal women. A year after we met, I requested her services in the areas of careerdevelopment and coaching for my staff.

Dr. Givens developed a customized career development action plan that helped to motivate my employees. She trained my staff in the following areas: Skill Development, Goal setting, Relationship Building and Soft skills for the 21st century. I can honestly say that not only did I noticed a big difference in the staff attitude and willingness to work as a team but my senior leader noticed as well."