Between Sessions Podcast

Welcome to the Between Sessions with Dr. Sharon Podcast!

Between Sessions with Dr. Sharon

Welcome to the “Between Sessions with Dr. Sharon” podcast, hosted by Dr. Sharon Givens. This podcast provides listeners with expert advice and practical strategies to improve their overall well-being and career satisfaction.

Dr. Sharon Givens is a licensed professional counselor and certified career counselor with 20 years of experience helping individuals overcome personal and professional obstacles.

In each episode, Dr. Sharon provides thoughtful reflection and engaging conversations with experts in the fields of psychology, mental health, and career development. Together they explore a variety of topics, such as managing grief, finding your path, and appreciating your value. Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights and practical strategies to help them improve their lives and careers.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or career satisfaction, this podcast has something for you. Tune in to “Between Sessions with Dr. Sharon” to start your journey to more satisfying and fulfilling life and work today.

Disclaimer: Dr. Sharon Givens provides advice and information that are not intended to replace professional therapy or counseling. Listeners are encouraged to seek assistance in addressing their mental and physical health needs.

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